11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh

11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh


Dec 02 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

This show has become a podcast at reverse times. It's often on Tuesday however there is a rich archive of past podcast to enjoy.


From Simran Singh's site:

11:11 Talk Radio, with Simran Singh, began in 2009 with a weekly mission of creating in depth dialogues on topics of consciousness, empowerment, wellness and personal growth that broadened minds and opened hearts. As a #1 rated talk show host, Simran introduces her audience to individuals, modalities and technologies that support personal responsibility, global awareness and conscious living.

11:11 Talk Radio is an ongoing conversation of our humanity, darkness, light and brilliance. As a platform geared to open the heart and expand the mind, rich integrative conversations are geared toward health, wellness, personal growth and mastery of the human experience. Dialogues range in topic from science and health to spirituality and metaphysics, while also bridging the duality of this world as it relates to social conscience, sacred activism, politics, religion, healthcare and daily life encounters. 11:11 Talk Radio shows are intended to stimulate inquiry and contemplation, so to create more compassion, kindness, acceptance and presence to one another. 

With over 1.5 million listens annually, Simran's interview style engages leading change agents, best-selling authors, artists and scientists to deepen understanding on the application of spirituality, meta-physics, science and psychology to real world issues. 11:11 Talk Radio shows are LIVE on Wednesdays 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT each week; and also archived.

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