A Masterclass with The Legendary Healer Christie Sheldon

Do you know what’s really holding you back?

If we are souls having a body… how much of that body’s health is governed by our soul?  Illnesses start energetically before they come into physical form.

You can use specific energy clearing techniques to help you clear health blocks.  One of the best energy healers in the industry is Christie Marie Sheldon. Christie is the author of Love or Above, a bestselling course on raising your energetic states for health, love and abundance.

She’ll open your mind to things that will astound you. Christie will share with you, her surprisingly simple energy clearing secrets that she uses with her clients.

Get aligned with abundance

It is true that you can instantly align your thoughts and energy to abundance?  And you know the importance of aligning your energy and your thoughts to the abundance you are looking for.

But that understanding is just the first step. How do you actually do it? And do it fast? As in today or tomorrow?

That’s what Christie Marie Sheldon is revealing. She shares with you:

  • simple energy clearing techniques that have helped over 30,000 people to raise their energy vibrations OVERNIGHT.
  • how to sense where your energy is – your energetic vibrations.
  • techniques to RAISE them so you can attract more of what you want, and less of the other
  • special new exercises and content
  • the highlight… the group meditation session.

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