Let’s Make Life Happen with Dr. Eva Shaw

Fridays 11AM EST


Let’s Make Life Happen is a show that will tweak your interest in personal and professional leadership or self growth. “I hope you find the show, encouraging, enlightening and informative.” The show is structured to teach a little, discuss a little, open a new door of thought and bring positive re-enforcement to your week. Let’s have fun as we have conversation about LIFE.

“When we begin to realize that there are patterns affecting our lives and we have adverse life stressors, it is not uncommon for our lives to unravel. A passion of mine is guiding people as they learn about the self-sabotage behaviour that has caused the patterns in relationship issues, career, financial stress, and health.” Dr Eva helps clients, who include, individuals, couples and other relationships to find ways to understand their behavior and change their deserve level in life to achieve health, happiness, and fulfillment. “I use the make life happen approach that intertwines with solution-focused and cognitive behavioral therapy.

My educational background includes a Doctorate of Philosophy, and Master in Counselling, Bachelor of Science in nutrition consulting, and two certificates in social work and child abuse as well as a Business Management diploma.” Various studies in marriage counseling and trauma are specialties. Eva Shaw is an author of The Butterfly Flies and co-author of Mentoring Women Leaders.