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Scientific Internet Talk Radio with Brooks Agnew
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Scientific Internet Talk Radio for your mind.

Brooks A. Agnew talks with hundreds of the world’s best authorities on the mysteries of the Universe. This is the best of paranormal talk radio.

Don’t give up on the human race yet. Remember, Earth Explorers that YOU ARE SOURCE.

X-Squared Radio discusses the mysteries of science as well as paranormal experiences with the best guests in the world. In here, the results are always positive. In the internet talk radio sea of tinkling sounds, one voice is standing out as a Renaissance man with a powerful knowledge of both science and spirituality.

Your host, Brooks A. Agnew, PhD is a physicist with a passion for exploring the truth of the universe and of the Earth. This internet talk radio program is different from anything you have ever heard. We bring you the very best authorities in the most cutting edge subjects of science and world mysteries and ask the most far-reaching questions.