Wisdom & Power of the Akashic Records with Sandra Anne Taylor

Mondays 10:00 AM PST

The Akashic Records are a field of information and energy that reaches back to the infinite past and forward to the limitless future. They contain all of the answers we could seek about not only ourselves, but the entirety of all life – including our past lives, all our energies, historical experiences and personal information.

The Akashic Records are able to show us how events from our past, both in this lifetime and previous ones, influence us today. By learning how to rewrite your own Akashic Records, you can change difficult circumstances and create the conditions that will lead to a happy future and accelerate the life you desire.

This radio show will help you discover the unlimited power of the Akashic Records for yourself so that you are able to work with them regularly and build up a picture of your past lives, your present energies and your future potentials. You learn about receiving healing energy from the Akashic Records in the form of messages from the energetic realm to help you on your path.

Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor is a highly motivating and inspiring international speaker lecturing throughout the world on healing, quantum psychology, and the energy dynamics of personal, financial, and relationship success. Sandra is the author of six books including her most recent Your Quantum Breakthrough Code:The Simple Technique That Brings Everlasting Joy And Success as well as her Energy Oracle Cards.

Sandra and her identical twin sister, Sharon Anne Klingler are co-founders of Starbringer Associates, a consultant bureau that produces books, CDs, and audio seminars for personal and business enhancement. The sisters also co-authored Secrets of Success: The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity, published in 2008.

Wisdom & Power of the Akashic Records