The 2021 Migraine World Summit

Migraine World Summit

March 17-25, 2021

Discover what dozens of world-leading migraine experts, doctors, and specialists really do for migraine and headache.

  • 6th consecutive year
  • 32 of the world’s leading experts from top-tier hospitals, universities, and headache centers
  • 4 interviews per day for 8 days
  • live highlights webinar on Day 9
  • ability to speed up the video play speed to 1.5x or even 2x
  • view closed captions so you can watch without sound

Each day of this year’s all-virtual Summit will feature a series of interviews with internationally recognized experts covering everything from migraine disease basics to all-new migraine-related breakthroughs and research topics

This is for you if you’ve ever had and of these questions:

  • Are my headaches caused by tension? Or sinus?
  • What are cluster headaches?
  • How many types of headaches are there?
  • What if my headache is just on one side? Or the top of my head? Or behind my eyes?

Come have your questions answered – for free.