Wake Up – The Sound of Transformation with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Fridays, 1 pm Pacific

The Sound of Transformation is about waking up to the deep potential that’s within every being on the planet so that we can become a strong and beneficial presence on the planet at this time in human history.

Week after week Michael Bernard Beckwith will have wonderful guests that are making a mighty difference on the planet; individuals who have embodied and activated the potential of their own soul and are going forward to inspire, uplift, and transform the planet according to their unique pattern and their unique gifts.

Dr. Beckwith’s website.

Wake Up – The Sound of Transformation

  • on 90.7 FM KPFK.
  • Los Angeles 90.7 FM,
  • Santa Barbara 98.7 FM,
  • China Lake 99.5 FM,
  • N. San Diego 93.7 FM.

For more info or to listen online, go to www.kpfk.org