Mindful Space To Pause

Fridays at 2 PM Pacific Time

Mindful Space to Pause(tm) focuses on savoring moments and balancing daily busy-ness. The show brings together a powerful gift of practicing, discovering time, space and focus to be present. It is like a quick retreat from wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

We explore common words, language and how images feel like an oasis of calm when you pause and take a closer look. Awaken to the possibilities when you pay attention, breathe, pause, clearly listen to your own internal GPS system and set your intentions to align your inner thoughts and your word choices with your energetic frequency.

Being present with every moment might seem as elusive as chasing the clock to find extra time within an already overcommitted 24-hour schedule. Once thought seeds have been planted and have taken root in your daily habit patterns, you can pause with a sense of discovery, curiosity and experience moments to play, to be thankful, to reflect and be wonder-filled in awe.