Dreamland Radio with Whitley Strieber

Saturdays, 1 PM PST

Dreamland appears online every Saturday afternoon at 1 PM Pacific time. Each program is available for one month, and may be listened to any time on any PC or Mac that is equipped to play sound, or on WebTV.

Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber’s regular guests join him to discuss the latest news in science, UFOs, crop circles, unknown archaeology, prophecy, and other edge topics.

Strieber was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York on December 26, 1985, by “non-human beings”. He has been careful to call them “the visitors” rather than stating they were aliens, or ETs, as he states he’s not sure – just that they were not human.  From this experience, he wrote Communion (1987), his first non-fiction book.