Angel Club with Kyle Gray

Mondays, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM, PST

Angel expert and intuitive Kyle Gray invites you to join the Angel Club! Kyle is one of the UK’s most sought after angel experts and he is bringing his incredible gifts to a weekly radio show. Kyle will be sharing angel messages with callers each week and will also discuss topics like yoga, meditation, and how to raise your spiritual connection. 

Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray
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Kyle Gray is an angel communicator, medium and motivational speaker based in the west of Scotland where he was born and raised. Kyle has a weekly column in the Scottish Sun newspaper and a monthly column in Spirit & Destiny magazine where he shares his experiences and guidance from the angels.

With his first angel experience at the early age of 15, Kyle’s interest and talents developed quickly – leading to him being named ‘The Youngest Medium in the UK’ at just 17. Now Kyle travels all over spreading the love and guidance from the angels. Check out Kyle online at as well as and