About Us

Who We Are

Grant & Jocelyn Dansby

We’re seekers of the divine – connoisseurs and catalogers of the sublime present-day teachers and events on information that make us better – in any way, or all ways.

I’m Jocelyn, the mistress here.  I’m  probably just like you – seeking empowerment, excitement, and a full life.  Having a deep hunger to know about spirituality, health, and consciousness, and a need to understand how it creates and weaves our body, is how and why this site was born.

What We Strive to Offer You

We strive to offer a place in which you’ll always find something that intrigues, soothes, or energizes, depending on what you need.

In our daily struggles, our tragedies and our will to overcome them, is where the greatest peace and enlightenment come.

What We Hope to Accomplish

A more direct path to the many empowering ideas and techniques so we can sift and sort together.  The veil is lifting so fast now, maybe we no longer need as many lifetimes as before.

Maybe we can just open up and accept the knowledge now.  Perhaps consciousness has opened to a point in which we can.

Would you like to join us in this grand adventure of inner discovery?