21st Century Medicine Woman with Heather Dane

Tuesdays 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, PST

Join Holistic Health Coach, Heather Dane for her weekly radio show, 21st Century Medicine Woman where she explores total mind-body-spirit wellness through the eyes of her  Native American lineage, background in nutrition and nutrigenomics (nutrition as applied to genetic symptoms), and her own experience in healing from crippling auto-immune issues.

Discover new ways to empower your own total wellness through the natural medicine of plants, herbs, and nourishing foods such as bone broth. Heather also helps you to explore and heal unfulfilled desires of the soul!

Learn how and why genetics are merely 5% of your health, while what you consume is 95% of your wellness! Tune in to hear interviews with holistic wellness experts and call in to get your most pressing health and lifestyle questions answered. And to find out more, join Heather online at www.heatherdane.com

Heather Dane

Heather Dane is a certified health coach and 21st century medicine woman specializing in resolving chronic health conditions, addictions and out-of-balance lifestyles. After recovering naturally from several so-called incurable illnesses, Heather discovered that symptoms are signposts for the road back to health. She has worked with many of the great minds in medicine, natural health, nutrition and energy healing and designs delicious recipes to nourish body and soul.